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TALIA White Label Fragrance

TALIA White Label Fragrance

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Our first fragrance

— TALIA White Label is inspired by one of the most coveted fragrances on earth. We used the purest form — extrait de parfum — as inspiration and created a scent you will be known for; your signature scent. You will be stopped. You will be praised. You will be asked what scent you are wearing everywhere you go... we guarantee it.

TALIA fragrances are proudly formulated with the highest quality clean, sustainable ingredients, and always paraben and cruelty-free. 

SCENT FAMILY Woody Amber Floral 


Moroccan Bitter Almond, Cedarwood, Ambergris 


Grandiflorum, Egyptian Jasmine, Saffron

CONCENTRATION Extrait de Parfum

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