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Peruvian Pit Potion

Peruvian Pit Potion

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Our life-changing, cult-favorite natural deodorant that actually works. We are going back to our roots with our new + improved packaging, a nod to the little glass mason jars that started it all. Safe, pure + natural ingredients (PPP is so clean it’s edible!) are combined in the perfect proportions to create a cream deodorant that just plain works. Each batch of Peruvian Pit Potion is handmade in Lima, Peru + bottled with love in California.

I discovered the formula in Lima as a desperate, hormone-shifting, mega-stinky twenty-something and used it for years without ever thinking to share it with the world. It turns out thousands of people were as desperate as me, and our first batch of PPP was bottled in my parent’s kitchen. Our cult following, can’t-live-without-PPP clients are the heart of our product because I know too closely the desperation and insecurity of not finding a deodorant — toxic, natural, or prescription — that works.

Our cream formula is meant to be applied by hand + is a full-body deodorant suitable for any stinky area.


SCOOP a dime-sized amount

EMULSIFY between your fingers

APPLY to your stinky spots


Our five simple ingredients combine to make Pit Potion a powerhouse against odor — 

SUNFLOWER OIL - antioxidant rich, healing, anti-inflammatory oil with 373x more vitamin E than coconut oil

PALM BUTTER - nutrient-dense, protecting moisturizer ultra high in beta-carotene and vitamin E

CORN STARCH - vitamin and mineral-rich drying agent helps remove impurities from pores

BAKING SODA - gentle antibacterial + anti-fungal alkaline exfoliator

LEMON OIL - antimicrobial, absorbent essential oil helps lighten hyperpigmentation



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