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Peruvian Pit Potion is our life-changing, cult-favorite, all-natural deodorant... that actually works. In my mid-twenties, what I can only assume was a massive hormone shift made me the stinkiest girl in the world. No deodorant worked. I spent years trying countless natural, non-toxic deodorants (and every single toxic one, too) to no avail. My underarms were always on my mind. I was washing them and reapplying deodorants multiple times throughout the day - it was miserable. My mom brought a natural deodorant home from Lima, Peru for me to try and it worked. I flew to Lima and bought twenty - I never wanted to be without. I used it for years without ever thinking to share it with anyone outside of my circle, because the truth is that stinky people don't often talk about their stink. It's a secret, shameful struggle and it sucks. When I opened my retail store, TALIA, conversations with customers about products we love and use eventually lead to a surprising number of questions about deodorant. I found that more people than I could have imagined struggled with stink. The thing about body odor is that is creates a kind of desperation - you're desperate to find something to fix it, toxic or not. I used to joke that if nuclear waste was the remedy, I would be slathering it on my underarms daily. I believe in non-toxic products and living clean, but, honestly, those ideals go out the window when you're washing your underarms between songs at your best friend's wedding reception. This is why Pit Potion is so important to me- it works and it's natural and non-toxic. In fact, it's so safe that it's edible. I eventually bought the formula from the small Peruvian maker, improved it several times, and offered it at my store. The response was insane. We sold dozens and dozens of jars in our first offering, and created Pit Potion lovers for life. Dozens became hundreds of jars and PPP lovers. It's still made in Peru, and that makes us so proud (I'm half Peruvian!), but we haven't been able to import it since 2019. If you're a Pit Potion lover, I know you have been rationing like crazy! Trust me, we have been, too. For the last 2.5 years, we get asked daily when Pit Potion will return, and we are so happy to have it back! Peruvian Pit Potion returns with an improved formula and beautiful packaging for a better application experience. Due to it's rich, creamy consistency, we recommend applying Pit Potion by hand. The new packaging is a twist-up container, and, as always, it is suitable for use on any stinky body area.
Our newest addition to the Pit Potion Family — our PPP Poof — was designed for those who don’t love the idea of hand-applied deodorant. If that’s you, the Poof is your new bestie!


twist up

swipe off the top

emulsify between fingers

apply like a cream

Proven and effective antibacterial, antioxidant-rich ingredients that prevent and eliminate odors and detoxify pores:
Virgin Sunflower Oil
Palm Butter
Corn Starch
Baking Soda
Lemon Essential Oil



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